Outside Work

Video Editor

CBR (Comic Book Resources) creates videos on all things geek culture. I worked as a video editor for their long-form series “Debunk’d” which aims to explain why fan theories on superhero movies and anime don’t hold up to scrutiny. The videos I edited can be found in the playlist below.

Video Editor

SourceGaming.info is a gaming website where I volunteer as a video editor, but I also animate, create video reviews, write opinion pieces and join discussions. My full list of work for the website can be seen here.

Here’s an example, a review for the game “My Hero One’s Justice”.


Contributing Writer

Nintendo Enthusiast was a Nintendo-focused gaming news website, and one of many under the Enthusiast Gaming umbrella. I was a contributing writer, writing news articles, features and previews. My work can be found here.


#JanePowerUp T-Shirt Designer


Available here

Denisse was looking for a design of Jane with a heroic vibe that would appeal to gamers. So I offered a design with a 60’s comic book aesthetic, Ben Day dots and all, and she loved it. The proceeds of the shirt were given to Donate Life America.

Jane, the character on the shirt, even bought one herself.


Just Another Castle – Nintendo Podcast

This crew of four very different gamers talked about the latest Nintendo news each and every week. I moderated the show, recorded/edited, created topics, managed social media accounts, and created the art. Originally hosted by Eli, but I was given hosting duties since August 2015. The podcast is most prominent on Podomatic.


IGN’s Pokémon Fusion Challenge Winner

The idea was simple, make a hybrid of two pokémon. After choosing to “fuse” one set of pokémon, I wasn’t satisfied, so I made all 6 combinations! I ended up winning the competition for bragging rights.

It starts with the original designs, followed by the features I added, and then the final fused forms.


Step-by-Step Process